We are absolutely thrilled to announce Float IoT’s official partnership with VIVAVIS AG.

After having the pleasure of collaborating together on multiple projects in previous years, it was evident that this partnership was set to gain further momentum in 2021.

VIVAVIS have a wealth of experience helping businesses with their digital transformation and delivering intelligent IoT solutions, especially within the water utilities space. Their newly formed IoT strategy aligns seamlessly with Float IoT’s strong hardware and software solution offering. The VIVAVIS group already services over 350 customers in the German water and wastewater segment, and combining their expertise in the market, with our innovative nature, is sure to result in a solid team, capable of delivering immense value to customers.

From a personal perspective, Float’s CEO Harjan Brand is especially delighted with this new partnership agreement:

The base of our company was amongst others formed in Dubai where together with VIVAVIS GCC and DEWA, we matured our products and now have more than 3.500 Wave devices installed. From the first moment, I’ve felt a click with the VIVAVIS company, their highly capable team, and their vision. Now it’s time to build upon this and together create new opportunities through smart & hard work and a relentless focus on the end customer.” 

VIVAVIS will now be an official distributor of Float’s solution offering in multiple new geographies, meaning Float is now active in over 15 countries.

We at Float would like to thank everyone involved for the hard work and collaboration that has gone into our existing projects and for making this partnership possible. We are extremely excited for the bright future we have ahead of us together.