Float Wave Distribution

For Bulk Metering, Distribution & Industrial Use Cases

Highly Efficient
& Built to Last

Wave Distribution is Float’s technology of choice for bulk metering, distribution and industrial use cases . Battery powered, highly efficient & built to last.

Seamless Integration

Our Wave distribution hardware is designed with connectivity at it’s core and supports a wide range of integration options ,ensuring seamless integration with your existing hardware and software. Standard options include: Modbus, Mbus, Wireless Mbus, serial/TTL, 4-20mA, pulse and Onewire.

Low Power

The low power design of our Wave Hardware means higher efficiency, less frequent maintenance and long battery lives of 10+ years, in most applications.

Secure by Design

Our Wave distribution hardware uses end to end encryption and is supported by an onboard cryptographic chip, ensuring that all your data remains safe & secure.

Wave Distribution

A multitude of connectivity options (NB-IoT, LTE CAT-M and GPRS).

Custom Integration Options
Through add-on board: Mbus and Modbus and Wireless Mbus are available.

Powerful Module
Powerful 32-bit ARM micro-controller with low-power consumption and onboard temperature and humidity (for diagnostic purposes).

Micro SD
Enabling offline data retention.

Low Power Bluetooth
Ensuring Engineers in the field can communication with ease.

Specifications Wave Distribution

  • Ultra low power 32 bit ARM cortex-M4 processor @ 48MHz
  • 64KB SRAM
  • 256KB FLASH
  • Hardware watchdog
  • On-board encrypted storage for off-line data retention
  • Temperature & humidity sensor onboard
  • Dedicated hardware crypto-chip for secure communication & storage
  • Standard I/O: pulse, onewire, TTL serial and 4-20mA
  • Custom I/O via add-on board, i.e.: Modbus, M-Bus or Wireless MBus, etc.
  • Can use LTE-NB1, LTE-M, and M2M/GPRS networks
  • Minisim or Usim interface
  • Covering all globally used frequency bands
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 module
  • Supports OTA firmware- and configuration updates
Battery life
  • 10+ years in the majority of applications
  • 3 x 3 mm mounting holes
  • Dimensions 41 mm x 94 mm
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Operating Voltage: 6.0V to 40.0V (12.0V typical)
  • Humidity: 10% ~ 90% non condensing
  • 5uA typical current consumption in deep sleep mode


In the product sheet you will find specific information about the Float Wave Distribution module.

You can download the file here:
Productsheet Float Wave Distribution

Integration with IoT Gatekeeper

All of our hardware is designed to seamlessly integrate and deliver data to our IoT Gatekeeper platform. Our backend server provides secure end-to-end encryption , threat detection and distributes data streams via Kafka ensuring IoT Gatekeeper is both secure and scalable.

Learn more about IoT Gatekeeper

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