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About Float IoT

At Float IoT, we are committed to developing, and delivering innovative IoT solutions, dedicated to Smart Water & Water Management use cases.

Technology sits at our core and we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products and solutions by applying disruptive technology, adapting to market needs, and solving the complex challenges faced by our customers.

Utilising our range of battery-powered, remote monitoring Wave hardware, and IoT Gatekeeper platform, we effectively collect real-time data from assets in the field across a wide range of applications, providing asset management, deep-dive analytics, interactive visualisations, and help connect the dots between water & data.

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At Float we understand that the IoT world is incredibly dynamic, Smart Water use cases are becoming more and more sophisticated and therefore the need for innovative and scale-able IoT solutions is ever growing. With this in mind, at Float we have built a talented and well rounded team of experts to ensure we can optimally help our customers solve the challenges they face and meet their initiatives.

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