Cuculus & Float IoT partnership announcement

We proudly announce our partnership with Cuculus, who provides an IoT Platform for critical infrastructure. Our latest environmental and innovation goals set the way forward for how we are tackling water technology.

Collaboration is a critical feature of our value chain, from the public-private partnerships needed to address water security for our clients, to the collective action in the communities around our product manufacturing. We believe working and partnering with companies that offer the latest technological innovations in the sector can help advance such efforts. Cuculus is this partner.

By 2050 the global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion people. It has never been more important to reuse, resume, and recover water. Producing more with less is key, and technology has the power to transform how we consume water. Our ever-increasing population is stretching our ability to provide water for needs such as agriculture, domestic water consumption, and processing drinking water. Technology can play a crucial role in water efficiency, utility management, treatment, and monitoring

Emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet of things (IoT) devices, can be optimized to make managing water systems easier, more efficient, and more capable of making accurate predictions. Data brings understanding, and understanding brings better management of a system. 

IoT enables smart irrigation, water quality control which, when coupled with new computing capacity, allows us to develop complex models for water management. Additionally, IoT in water management helps utilities reduce risks that may exist in sewer networks, water distribution networks, as well as both water and wastewater treatment plants. It provides the foundation of data-driven utility management that can also be applied to more effective asset management and operational efficiency.

The world is struggling to fulfill the objectives of the Paris agreement, and we will need to take bold steps to get back on track for a sustainable future. In this context, Cuculus is providing solutions for critical infrastructure that is enabling the industry to make better and more data-driven decisions. Cuculus’ ZONOS™ IoT Platform for critical infrastructure enables data-driven decisions for energy and water flows and enable efficiency, making the infrastructure capable of dealing with sustainable sources. This goes hand-in-hand with increasing demands on security, but also offers new benefits offered through more advanced devices and the latest communications technology.

 Clients need solutions that are future-proof and can help them go through the transition. This means that they need flexibility from suppliers to avoid technology lock-in. Full control of the infrastructures is now possible without having to opt for proprietary solutions, but this requires the technology providers to work closely to achieve this. 

Float IoT and Cuculus partnership is a prime example of how suppliers work together to fulfill these requirements and to enable the bold steps required through innovative and advanced technology.