Wave, Float IoT’s in-house developed hardware, is used by water utilities around the world to read out their bulk meters. Often used for the A-class customers, the largest consumers of water. The data which is collected through our equipment is used primarily for billing purposes, meter monitoring and distribution network monitoring.

This year we expect to reach 9.000 Waves in the field.

The base for the Wave product is from close collaboration with our launching customer DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water utility), done in 2019. However now, in 2022, we believe we’re finally at the point that we can name it best-of-class.

What makes it the best of class?

A battery powered gateway needs the following qualities to be named best-of-class:

  • Ultra efficient power consumption to enable 10+ year battery life
  • 100% bulletproof robustness even in most difficult ambient conditions (50+ degrees Celsius, 80-90% ambient humidity)
  • Wide variety of supported I/O, giving it the required flexibility in today’s world with a big variety of standards

Through the experience in the field we have learnt a few (hard) lessons:

1.) Modern Internet of Things network gives a huge variance in power consumption between different locations.

2.) Protecting your equipment in extremely demanding conditions is quite a feat

3.) Monitoring and managing a big installed base of IoT devices is a challenge, amongst others because troubleshooting data is limited due to the limited battery & bandwidth available.

How come its best class?

The valuable lessons we’ve learnt having thousands of devices in the field have all been moulded into our latest version: V6. We dare to say that the V6 is so robust, so power efficient and has such strong power monitoring features that we dare to call it best-in-class:

  • Features a low power current reading circuitry which enables us 95% accurate battery estimates. With NB-IoT power usage differ 10x between one location and the other and so this feature is a must-have to minimise maintenance costs.
  • Since our products are selling mainly in the Middle East it has become very important to make sure we can cope with the challenging environment. Amongst others we’ve achieved this in the V6 by fully potting the electronics.
  • With a huge variety of available I/O (MBus, WMbus, Modbus, pulse, TTL, one wire) the Wave device is more like a battery powered RTU than a basic IoT device.

Interesting for your water utility or customer?

If you feel our Wave hardware might be of interest to your organization, please feel free to reach out and set up an online introductory call.